CBD For Dogs? Really?

CBD For Dogs? Really?

CBD For Dogs? Really?

Here at Natural Ways CBD, just about everyone on the staff, including the owners, has dogs so our company places a high priority on pet wellness.

Since we have been showcasing our exclusive line of pet products all this week at the annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows, we wanted to give all our customers the inside scoop on what CBD can do for YOUR dogs, too.

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Research into CBD for dogs is still in its infancy. Veterinarians across the country are beginning to see for themselves how cannabis products, when used in the right form and dosage, make a difference for the animals in their care. Some customers come to Natural Ways CBD for pet products because their veterinarian told them to!

One fact stands out: Too much THC is toxic to pets. You read that right: Too much THC from cannabis products not formulated specifically for pets can kill your dog

This is where CBD from hemp really shines! It offers the health and wellness benefits traditionally thought to come from THC without the side effects that dogs don’t need.

Natural Ways pet CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and will not harm your dog.


How Does CBD For Dogs Work?

CBD works in dogs’ bodies the same way it works in ours. CBD attaches to receptors throughout the body to support the natural production of endocannabinoids, substances that help with everything from mood to physical well-being.

When a dog experiences stress, illness, or the effects of aging, its endocannabinoid system doesn’t work as well. CBD supplements can help bring your dog’s body back into balance.

How Do I Use CBD For My Dog?

Please note that this information is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult a veterinarian before using CBD products with your pet.

Dogs who experience stress, reactivity towards people or situations, or health issues involving joints, inflammation, or other discomfort may benefit from CBD. Veterinary guidelines published online suggest giving between 1 mg and 5 mg of CBD per ten pounds of body weight – or between 0.2 mg and 0.5 mg of CBD per one pound of body weight. For safety, always start on the low end of these ranges and gradually increase as needed.

Just like their humans, all pets are different: Your pet may respond wonderfully to a low dose, but someone else’s dog may need more. For stress-related issues, give your pet their CBD about 30 minutes before the event is expected to occur – getting a toenail trim, visiting the vet, being left alone while you to go work, etc. To address other health issues, give your pet their dose twice a day or as recommended by your veterinarian.

Welcome to Our Site!

Welcome to Our Site!

Hello, and welcome to the newly redesigned website and blog for Natural Ways CBD!

As part of our mission to help consumers make the best choices possible when it comes to hemp CBD products, we decided it was time to overhaul our online presence with a sleek new store and the latest information.

As you browse our new website, you’ll notice that Natural Ways CBD is about so much more than simply selling CBD:

  • We provide the most up-to-date, accurate information about the role of CBD in the broader cannabis industry.
  • We educate customers using articles, infographics, and a comprehensive FAQ.
  • We offer a convenient way for you to contact us directly with any additional questions or concerns you might have.

Why Natural Ways CBD?

We are not a franchise (although we do offer franchising opportunities), and we are not a large corporation where you are a number on a spreadsheet.

Who are we?

  • We are wholly family-owned, and we work hard to make sure our employees know they are appreciated like family, too.
  • We know our regular customers by name, and we love hearing their testimonials about how CBD is helping them or someone they love.
  • Natural Ways believes pets are important, so we carry products specially formulated to help your furry friends live well.

We Listen to You

Our customers tell us what’s important to them, and we really listen. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • You want products whose production can be traced from start to finish, so we don’t carry anything that’s been made outside the United States.
  • You want products that are pure and potent so you can get what you need without purchasing as often; we know you like saving money.
  • You want a shopping experience in-person or online that includes a fast turnaround for answers to your questions as well as prompt order processing and shipping.

We Only Deliver Quality

The CBD in our products has been extracted from American-grown industrial hemp and the finished products are manufactured in the USA, with several of them made in our home state of Texas. We demand quality from every vendor we do business with, and we secure lab results to ensure the high quality and integrity of our tinctures, topicals, edibles, and hemp flower. In the pursuit of the best quality, we also spot-test products, paying for third-party analysis ourselves. Natural Ways wants to make sure that what’s on our labels is also in our containers.

We’re Glad To Have You

Natural Ways CBD offers quality CBD products as a legitimate option for addressing health and wellness needs safely and naturally, and we are excited to welcome you to our rapidly growing family of satisfied customers.

As you explore our new website, we think you’ll be impressed by the quality and variety of our store. And when you’re ready to make a purchase, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing business with a company that cares.

When it comes to CBD, our customers tell us Natural Ways is the best way!