With so many bath and beauty products flooding the market – especially those that claim to contain hemp CBD – it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Is it all hype?

We caution our customers to do their homework when purchasing CBD bath and beauty products. Many of these products will have some amount of CBD, but they will pair it with synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, or other ingredients you probably don’t want anywhere near your skin.

Natural Ways has a longstanding policy of not carrying any CBD bath and beauty products that contain anything not found in nature.

There’s just nothing beautiful about fake ingredients.

Can CBD in a bath bomb really provide effective relaxation and relief? The answer is YES!

Natural Ways CBD has carried bath bombs from other vendors before. In fact, we still have some in our stores and online. But along the way, we decided we could build a bigger, better bath bomb, one that would provide our customers with a whopping 300mg of full spectrum CBD in combination with natural essential oils and non-staining naturally derived colors.

After all, no one wants to get out of their relaxing CBD bath only to have to turn around and scrub a ring out of the tub!

Our bath bombs are HUGE! Think slightly smaller than a baseball and just about as heavy. The scents? They’re all derived from natural essential plant oils that, when coupled with CBD, give you the full-body relaxation you want with the right blend of terpenes to complete the experience.

And we don’t give you just one or two scents from which to choose, we give you FIVE!

Our bombs are such a great value for their size and content, consider buying a different scent for almost every day of the week!

Each scent has been specially formulated to provide what its name suggests:

If you need more balance in your life, there’s Balance, an earthy herbal experience with hints of patchouli and ginger.

For soothing comfort, there’s Comfort with undertones of vanilla and sugar.

Our Invigorate bath bomb has been created to do just that; it features eucalyptus and mint for a clean, clarifying experience. This is a great option for the guys!

Our Refresh bath bomb with sea salt is quietly elegant. Its scent is floral without being overpowering, with notes of orchid and lily.

Uplift offers a floral, more feminine energizing scent.

We like to remind our customers that in keeping with our company ethic to offer products with the most natural ingredients out there, our bath bombs contain no artificial colors, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances.

How does CBD in a bath bomb work? How does it get into your system?

In previous ‘blog posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp, and we have touched on the ways in which these cannabinoids work in the body to bring about something called homeostasis.

Homeostasis, simply put, is a state of balance.

Most people think about CBD and other cannabinoids in terms of eating, drinking, or vaping/smoking them to deliver the benefits to the body.

But CBD in topical form – a cream, lotion, salve, and yes, even a bath bomb – is also a very effective delivery method! It’s especially good for those who seek a full-spectrum CBD experience but who cannot, for various reasons, have THC in their system. And the best CBD in terms of full effectiveness is, you guessed it, full spectrum.

Remember, full spectrum CBD extract has not only CBD but proportions of other minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and CBC along with a very small but therapeutic among (0.3%) of THC.

Moreover, the highest quality full-spectrum CBD, like that found in our Natural Ways CBD Bath Bombs, is obtained from the hemp plant using the CO2 (carbon dioxide) method of extraction. This method preserves more of the CBD and other cannabinoids than any other extraction process.

One of the best things about CBD topicals is that there are no studies showing unwanted side effects from CBD delivered to the body in this way. The rare side effects from CBD use typically come from ingesting it.

When you soak in a warm bath full of CBD bath bomb fizz, the warm or hot water opens the pores of your skin, allowing the full-spectrum CBD to be absorbed.

Heat also causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, further enhancing the absorption of CBD.

When CBD meets the skin, it penetrates the first layer of the epidermis and binds to receptors located directly underneath. Its action on these receptors supports the comfort of the body. While topical CBD is best suited for certain conditions, technically, anyone can benefit from it. CBD topicals are especially useful for supporting healthy skin, bones, joints, tendons or muscles.

One handy tip to make sure your Natural Ways CBD bath bomb gives you the greatest benefit is to fill your tub only to the lowest level you require to get coverage.

Natural Ways CBD Bath Bombs deliver 300mg of full-spectrum CBD. That’s an incredible amount of relief and relaxation, so you don’t want to miss out on the full experience!  

The less water you have in the tub, the more concentrated your CBD and other ingredients will be as the bath bomb dissolves.

Soak in your warm or hot CBD bath for at least 20 minutes or until the water starts to cool off. This helps to ensure you’ve absorbed as much of the nourishing CBD as possible for an all-over body effect.

Now that you know a little bit more about how CBD works in a bath, and about the fantastic options available with Natural Ways CBD 300mg Bath Bombs, head on over to our online store and pick up a couple for yourself. These also make great gifts for the athletes, new moms, and stressed-out members of your family, too!

And while you’re shopping, be sure to check out our other premium CBD products for people, pets, and anyone else you know who could benefit from the all-natural relief found at Natural Ways CBD.