What do you need to kick off a great summer? A Pina Colada? How about some CBD flower!

Summer is officially just four weeks away, and while the adventures you want to go on aren’t happening yet, the planning for those adventures is.

And since you’re reading this article, you know that it’s also important to start you flower planning at your earliest possible convenience.

We love every strain of CBD flower. Indica, sativa, sour, and sweet. Each one has something unique to offer.

But when it comes to summer time, we’re focused on energetic strains that get us off the couch and into the sunshine.

With that said, in this article, we’re going to tell you about six sativa CBD flower strains that are right on time as we move towards summer.

Indica vs. Sativa

Before we dive into the six summer strains, let’s first discuss why we chose sativa strains instead of indica strains.

Sativa and indica have different botanical characteristics, as each originated in different parts of the world (though both are now grown in all sorts of places).

The conditions that each type of strain grows partially determines the the effects these strains make you feel.

Though not scientifically proven, anecdotal evidence suggests that indica strains act on the whole body, while sativa strains give the head high.

Therefore, people who use flower before bed might reach for a doob with an indica strain.

But not you. You’re headed straight for the sativa strains that turn long summer days from thrilling to all-out exhilarating.


It’s not hard to see how Lifter gets its name: this flower uplifts you mentally and spiritually. Since it’s non-intoxicating, though, it won’t make you high in the classical, couch-locked sense of the word.

Set the caffeine aside. It’s almost summer. Instead, turn to the citrusy-sweet flavors of Lifter.


Hulk is very powerful and very green. This isn’t surprising, as it is named after the Incredible Hulk.

This daytime strain is a hybrid, comprised of the well-known Green Crack and Jack Herer strains.

Thus, Hulk contains the creativity boost from Jack Herer while also featuring the energizing high typical of Green Crack. If you had artistic plans for summer, Hulk is where it’s at.

Oh, and it tastes like blueberries. Not bad!

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is like mental clarity rolled up in a doob. This fruity-smelling, energizing strain is perfect for your morning routine because it gives you a mental boost while also promoting feelings of calm — the perfect combination for a day of achievement.

In other words, Hawaiian Haze is a great way to take your mountain hiking and fishing trip to the next level.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy has quite the name, but we promise you it’s something more coherent than a lemon, rocket ship, and lollipop thrown together.

In fact, this strain gives you the perfect flavor balance, as it is a hybrid derived from Sour Tsunami and the sweet Early Resin Berry.

The flavor is awesome, and so is the fact that this strain gives you energy before it gives you drowsy feelings, making it ideal for a mid-day doob break.

OG Kush

As a marijuana strain, OG Kush is famous for its therapeutic effects, and its hemp flower counterpart (CBD crossed with OG Kush) retains these effects while adding a calming sensation to the mix.

Sporting cinnamon and sweetgrass notes, OG Kush has a wonderful natural smell that makes it perfect for long walks through the fields.

The smell of freshly-cut summer hay is calling. Go answer it.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is flat-out awesome.

It has the same name as a Jimi Hendrix song (though Hendrix did not name his song for the strain), and as a sativa strain especially high in THC, it’s uplifting and potent at the same time.

With a flavor profile of blueberry paired with a spicy bite, this strain is sure to wake you up and make you say howdy.


Summer is the season of so many awesome things. Watermelon. Windows-down driving. Sunning yourself on the beach.

But it’s only around for a fourth of the year, so you need to take full advantage of the opportunity by bringing some premium hemp flower along on your trips.

Put aside the tequilas. Those are for posers. Time to really relax.

Want flower suggestions? Hit up a CBD expert!

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