Note: CBD Topicals are not designed or proven to treat or cure chronic pain or disease

If you’ve been in one of our six Greater Houston Area locations, or any CBD store for that matter, you’ve likely seen — or at least heard about — CBD topicals.

In this article, we’re telling you all about them. What are they, how are they used, and what benefit can you derive from them?

What Are CBD Topicals?

The definition of the word topical, according to Oxford Languages, is “relating or applied directly to a part of the body.”

Examples of topicals would be lotions, creams, gels, sunscreen, and insect repellant — if it’s applied on the body, it counts.

CBD topicals take the same concept but throw in everybody’s favorite cannabinoids, such as CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol).

Benefits & Uses of of CBD Topicals

CBD topicals have a variety of benefits. After direct application to the body, the CBD in the topicals seeps down through the skin and renders deep relaxation.

CBD Topicals Promote Muscle & Joint Relaxation

Many people with chronic pain use CBD topicals, which can promote relaxed muscles and joints.

Those who experience migraine headaches also use topical CBD, as one of the best ways to address migraines is to release muscle tension. CBD topicals support this process.

CBD Topicals Support Healthy Muscles

Many athletes love CBD topicals, especially those composed of a CBG and CBD blend.

CBG has been shown to support the body’s natural relaxation processes, which work to keep inflammation at bay. THC has similar benefits, but as it causes psychoactive effects, it isn’t a go-to cannabinoid for athletes.

CBD, one of the main two cannabinoids (along with THC), promotes calmness and balance.

What does this mean for you? If you’ve just worked out harder than Arnold Schwarzenegger would ever dare, a CBD:CBG topical might be in store if you want to stay comfortable as your muscles recover.

CBD Topicals Can Target Specific Areas of the Body

One of the advantages of CBD topicals is that they allow you to experience the benefits of CBD wherever you need them.

If you don’t need the effects of cannabinoids over your entire body, what’s the point of taking a gummy or smoking a doob when you can just apply a CBD topical to the area in question?

The Right Topical for the Job

With everything great we’ve just told you about CBD topicals in mind, you might be tempted to go willy-nilly and buy one of every topical.

We get that. Read a little further, though, so you can find out the best topical for your unique situation!

Every CBD topical we carry features similar effects (as they are Full Spectrum CBD or CBD:CBG blends) but the degree and delivery of these effects varies.

Athletics & Physical Activities

If you’re using CBD topicals as a way to support relaxed muscles after working out or going for a run, your best bet is a CBD roll-on, as they go on thin. This allow you to get moving again shortly after application.

Our roll-on sports the following benefits (no pun intended):

  • Contains menthol for cooling, and wintergreen for heating. This makes for skin-level soothing, in addition to benefits for the muscles.
  • Made with aloe vera, which works to clear up and moisturize skin.

The second major consideration for those looking to kickstart their muscle recovery is topicals that feature CBD and CBG together – we call them CBD:CBG blends.

As we discussed, CBG has additional calming properties that make it especially beneficial for active individuals.


CBD topicals can replace regular, boring massage oils and bring you relaxation that the “coconut and hibiscus bliss” stuff never could.

In addition to the benefits of CBD, our massage oil features a smooth and silky application, due to its apricot kernel oil carrier, as well as a refreshing blast of menthol.

Skin Moisturizing

Salves and lotions can be applied more thickly than a roll-on or oil, so they can stay on the skin longer and act as a moisturizer, all while seeping replenishing CBD down into your muscles and joints.

Thus, if you’re looking for a good moisturizer in addition to something to keep your body relaxed, a thicker topical is your best bet.


CBD topicals are wonderful because they provide a way to get CBD’s benefits for those who are just looking to soothe specific parts of the body, or who simply don’t like the earthy flavors of CBD.

And, they allow users to get their CBD while also getting much-needed moisture and cleansing for the skin.

Okay. This article is finished. NOW you can go buy all the topicals and try them. 😃

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