Is Hemp Flower Legal in Texas?

When new customers walk into our stores, they usually do a double take when they see our Bud Bars.

Some of our customers think it’s marijuana, which is illegal in Texas, while others know it’s hemp flower, which they think is illegal in Texas, but isn’t.

That’s right – hemp flower is legal in Texas! In this article, we’re going to talk about how this is.


Hemp vs. Marijuana

Before we get into the legality of hemp in Texas, let’s first discuss what hemp is and how it differs from its more famous cousin, marijuana.

It’s a common misconception that hemp and marijuana are different plants. They’re actually the same plant – both are variants of cannabis.

The difference between the two comes in the amount of THC that each plant contains:

  • The government defines marijuana as cannabis containing more than 0.3% of the cannabinoid THC by dry weight
  • Likewise, the government considers a cannabis plant hemp if it contains 0.3% THC or less by dry weight

Note that when we say THC, we’re referring to Delta-9 THC.

Some cannabis plants may look different than others, but that isn’t due to the THC percentage. Rather, it’s due to there being different varieties of cannabis.

What Is Hemp Flower?

So, now you know exactly what hemp is. But what is hemp flower?

Hemp flowers are the buds of the hemp plant, which are then dried for use in hemp pre-rolls. Hemp buds are only found in female hemp plants, and they contain high levels of cannabinoids in addition to THC.

Dried hemp flowers are commonly referred to as hemp flower (sort of how a group of seeds is referred to simply as seed).

Hemp flower, of course, contains 0.3% THC or less by dry weight.


What Does Texas Law Say About Hemp Flower?

As we discussed in the introduction, hemp flower is legal to grow and consume in the state of Texas.

But how did state and national law make this possible? Here’s a brief timeline:

  • The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill federally legalized the commercial production of hemp and authorized states to submit state plans to administer hemp programs.
  • In June 2019, Texas passed House Bill 1325 which authorized the production, manufacture, and retail sale of hemp and hemp-derived products.

House Bill 1325 also includes consumable hemp products which contain cannabidiol (CBD), as well as other edible parts of the hemp plant.

The regulatory rules, as stated in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 443, say that “hemp-derived cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, are not considered controlled substances or adulterants” and that “products containing one or more hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, intended for ingestion are considered foods, not controlled substances or adulterated products.”

For growers, the Texas Department of Agriculture opened the hemp licensing and permit application process online on March 16, 2020.

To conclude, it’s completely legal to buy hemp flower and other hemp-derived products in the state of Texas, including (but not limited to) products that contain Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and THC-O!

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Texas

So, hemp flower is legal. But where should you go to buy it?

You have a few options.

Reputable Brick-and-Mortar and Online Stores

You can find a reputable CBD store near you. However, note that most don’t have bud bars as we do.

You can also buy your flower through an online retailer – to ensure they’re reputable, read their reviews and 3rd-party lab reports.

The Natural Ways CBD Bud Bar & Online Subscription

There is another option.

At Natural Ways CBD, we offer hemp flower through in our-store bud bars.

We have set up our Bud Bar in each store like a traditional cannabis dispensary with sealed, labeled jars of premium hemp flower, and a counter with scales, tongs, gloves, and lab reports so customers can be assured that their flower contains what it should and does not contain what it shouldn’t.

We top it all off with a welcoming “Budtender” who can answer questions and prepare orders.


Why We Grow Hemp in Our Stores

Though we’ve had the permit to sell hemp products since day one of our company, we also recently got a permit to grow our own hemp plants.

That’s why, when you visit one of our six Houston-area locations, you might see a hemp plant growing!

We want our customers to experience in person the beauty of natural, live hemp as it grows. The plants also spark conversation among customers and help them to understand what hemp really is, what it looks like, and where their CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids come from.

(Our staff talks to and sometimes plays music near our plants to encourage them to flourish. Does it help? We don’t know, but it sure doesn’t hurt!)


So, buying and consuming hemp flower and other hemp products is completely legal in Texas! Growing it is, too, as long as you have the right permits!

However, still be careful when buying hemp products in Texas, because some companies have not gone through the necessary processes to ensure that extracts are of good quality and don’t contain more THC than is legal.

To make sure what you’re buying is hemp flower, ask to see 3rd-party lab results, and of course, don’t do business with companies that don’t have a reputation for quality products and good customer service!