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CBC Oil 1000 mg

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About CBC Oil, Broad Spectrum, 1000 mg, 30 ml bottle:

Hemp contains many cannabinoids, the active constituents that give all cannabis its distinctive ability to support mental and physical wellness. While CBD is the most commonly known cannabinoid, CBC is emerging as a top contender when it comes to targeting mood and emotional well-being.

CBc, or cannabichromene, is the third most abundant cannabinoid in hemp after CBD and THC.

Research is beginning to indicate that CBC may be more effective than CBD for supporting certain kinds of mental and emotional health, and CBC is also showing significant promise as a hemp-based option for supporting healthy skin.

CBC is not psychoactive so you will not get a “high” from using it. 

Our broad spectrum formulation contains no THC.

Made in U.S.A from American-grown hemp.