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About Chew’ems CBD-infused Dog Chew Toy

An innovation in nylon bone technology, Chew’ems are safer, healthier and longer-lasting. They also continue to be one of our bestsellers in our CBD lineup of products for pets! Customers tell us these bones really do help to calm their anxious pups, and sometimes they become the only toy dogs will choose.

Each bone is loaded with a secret blend of vitamins and minerals that make these bones both healthy and irresistible to dogs. In fact, one of the ingredients is a natural digestive aid that dogs crave – the same mineral they are trying to ingest when they lick and/or suck on rocks. 

Infused with 100 mg of CBD per bone, any size.

Flavors: Bacon, Beef, Chicken, or Salmon

Created and sourced in the USA with no preservatives, no gluten, and no GMO’s.

Size:  6.5″ X 4.8″ X 1″
Weight: 5 oz.

Size:  4.8″ X 3.6″ X .75″
Weig​ht: 2 oz.​​

Additional Important Information:

This toy is not intended to be edible. 

Please ensure bone is large enough for your dog. 

Toy should be intact at all times. Do not allow pet to use if there is any sign of breakage or visible wear.

Always monitor pet when toy is in use. Remove and replace toy if damage becomes too extensive.

This toy may not be appropriate for all dogs.


w’efused with our secret all-natural recipe that makes it irresistible and incredibly healthy!