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CBG:CBD Oil Full Spectrum



About CBG:CBD Oil – Full Spectrum, 1 oz (30 ml):

This is our full spectrum 1:1 CBG:CBD formula with an organic cannabis terpene blend to enhance the entourage effect and overall effectiveness. The high concentration of CBG and CBD combined as well as the other cannabinoids (CBC, d9-THC) and terpenes in this formulation make this product very effective! Made in USA.

Available in 1000 mg or 2000 mg total CBG:CBD per bottle.

In 1000 mg bottle: 500 mg each CBG and CBD; 33.3 mg of CBG/CBD per 1 ml serving (metered dropper included).

In 2000 mg bottle: 1000 mg each CBD and CBD; 66.6 mg of CBG/CBD per 1 ml serving (metered dropper included).


MCT Coconut Oil, CO2 Hemp Extract


Take one to two times per day. Measure desired amount, place under your tongue, hold for 60+ seconds, then swallow.

The Science:

CBG is considered the mother of all phytocannabinoids in the cannabis sativa plant. CBGa was discovered as the first cannabinoid to form in cannabis sativa, and through enzymatic processes CBGa is broken down into CBDa and THCa (and other cannabinoids). The native forms of these cannabinoids are then transformed into free-form CBD, CBG, and THC in the presence of heat via a process called decarboxylation.

CBG is a perfect compliment to CBD. When isolated, each cannabinoid has its own beneficial properties, but when you combine CBD with CBG, the effects of both are amplified.

Additional Important Information:

Do not take if pregnant or lactating.

Keep out of reach of children.

Please consult a physician before taking or if you are currently taking other medications.

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