Sati CBD Soda

Sati CBD Soda


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About Sati Soda 

Sati Soda is a light, delicious CBD-infused soda with 23mg CBD per can. 

Whether you’re at the pool or with friends, you can drink in the CBD wellness confidently since this soda is made with just 9 grams of pure cane sugar and NO high fructose corn syrup!

It’s also THC-free, making it perfect if drug testing is a concern. 

Sati is a brand we’re proud to carry — this soda was voted best CBD beverage at the Mountain CBD Expo.

That’s relaxation you don’t have to feel guilty about.

  • 23mg CBD per 12 oz. can
  • THC-free
  • Available in three flavors: Ginger Chill, Lemon-Lime Clarity, and Berry Energy
  • Made in the USA from American-grown hemp

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Weight 13.4 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4.75 in

Berry Energy, Ginger Chill, Lemon Lime Clarity


Research indicates CBD has therapeutic potential for inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, sleep support, and more.

This soda contains 23mg of this beneficial cannabinoid, just 9 grams of sugar, and no high-fructose corn syrup!

Usage Directions

Crack open a can and enjoy when it’s time to relax!

For a CBD dosage guide, chart, and calculator, click here.


Sparkling water, organic cane sugar, non-GMO citric acid, organic guayusa leaf extract, guarana seed extract, yerba mate leaf extract, hemp aerial parts extract (water, medium chain triglycerides [MCT], cannabidiol extract, quillaja extract).

Important Notes

Keep out of reach of children.

If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your physician before using.


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