CBD tea offers relaxation one cup at a time  

The science behind the many health benefits of tea is well known and widely published. Tea, whether green or black, caffeinated or not, herbal or traditional, contains antioxidants, minerals and no added sugars or colors.


Here at Natural Ways, we carry several varieties of all-natural tea with CBD extract added. You’ll find them in our online store or, if you’re in the Houston area, at all four of our brick-and-mortar locations!


Once our customers discover these teas, they often come back for more. In fact, we have several customers who say they don’t know how they ever managed before they began drinking our CBD tea!

What does adding CBD to tea do for the body?


As a naturally zero-calorie beverage, tea in any of its forms or types is an excellent choice to quench your thirst. It’s a healthier and more economical alternative to soft drinks, other sugary beverages, or even 100% fruit juice!

We even have one customer who brews our Chamomile with CBD tea in a mild form to give to her senior dog to help with anxiety and sleep! Natural Ways always encourages our customers to consult with their pet’s veterinarian before adding CBD products to an animal’s wellness regimen. Be sure to ask about offering your pet our Chamomile with CBD Tea!


Tea and CBD make a great pair since the caffeine in green or black tea can balance the slight sedative effects some people experience from ingesting CBD. This means you reap the full benefits of CBD without feeling sluggish.


When you steep dry CBD tea in hot water, it releases a bounty of beneficial plant substances.

Rich in antioxidants, other cannabinoids and plant nutrients, CBD tea compliments other CBD products you may be taking such as tinctures or gummies. The presence of so many natural plant chemicals contribute to the entourage effect. This means that the CBD can be absorbed into the body more efficiently.

Herbs like Chamomile and Peppermint which are featured in the Natural Ways line of teas have been used for thousands of years to support good health, so you get the benefit of quality herbs AND cannabidiol from U.S.-grown hemp!

Let’s face it, another benefit of CBD tea is going to be its TASTE!

Some of our customers want the support from natural cannabinoids like CBD but they aren’t especially thrilled about the “earthy” or “dirt-like” taste of pure CBD oil.

This is one of the reasons our tinctures feature premium CBD oil in a carrier such as MCT (from coconut) or sweet almond oil. Those natural carrier oils temper the taste of the CBD and make it more palatable so you’re sure to take your CBD with greater regularity. Regular consumption of your personally perfect dose of CBD is key to its effectiveness!

CBD tea is also versatile. You can brew it hot, or you can brew it to pour over ice. And since our herbal teas with CBD are naturally caffeine free, you don’t have to worry about sleepless nights after a late cup.

The absence of caffeine in a CBD herbal tea also means no diuretic effects: You won’t be getting up to go to the bathroom every couple of hours and you don’t have to worry about becoming dehydrated.

Warm or hot, tea is a popular digestive aid. Our herbal teas with CBD are no exception. Try our Peppermint with CBD tea after a big meal to help keep you comfortable.


What if you don’t care for Chamomile, Peppermint, or Hibiscus Berry teas? Natural Ways has got you covered: Use our water soluble CBD added to the tea you prefer!

What if I don’t drink tea? What are my options for taking CBD?

CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis and the most versatile in terms of how it can be delivered to the body. We understand not everyone is a tea drinker, and that’s okay!

Natural Ways has an “s” in its name for a reason: We believe in choice and that’s why we carry many different options for customers who want to use CBD. There is no one right way to benefit from CBD. Edibles, tinctures, drinks, vaping, hemp flower, topicals – we really do have something for everyone!

Holidays are almost here, and Natural Ways teas make a great gift!

With the holidays coming up, if you know you have a tea drinker in the crowd, consider giving them an assortment of our quality herbal teas with CBD. Not a fan of tea? Remember that we also carry luxurious bath and body products full of high-quality full spectrum CBD just perfect for gift-giving!


To find out more about our teas with CBD as well as the many other products Natural Ways is proud to offer, visit our online store or give us a call. One of our CBD Tour Guides will be happy to answer your questions or assist you with placing an order over the phone.

Drink up!