Unfortunately as many of you have heard on the news Texas has decided to ban Delta 8 in any form. Here at Natural Ways CBD we realize that this is going to cause an issue with most of you as Delta 8 has been immeasurable in helping many medical conditions with you, our customer base.

We wanted to explain what happened and what’s still happening.

Back in about February of this year DSHS (Department of State Health Services) decided to ban Delta 8. They are required to have a public meeting on the matter in order to properly list Delta 8 on the Schedule 1 banned substances list.

DSHS did in fact have this meeting but they did not properly advertise that it was going to happen, they buried the link to the meeting in a very obscure public notice that no one was able to find or be made aware of. This meeting happened, no one showed up to voice their objections so DSHS proceeded to put Delta 8 on the banned list. They then in turn notified no one that this happened. Manufacturers and retailers continued to make and sell Delta 8 products under the assumption that we were selling a legal product.

Delta 8 is a derivative of Hemp which makes it a legal product according to the Federal Hemp Bill and the Texas Hemp Bill, both passed in 2018 and 2019. As a matter of fact, neither of these laws have changed and still state that it is legal. The DEA even had the option to make Delta 8 a banned substance but declined to do so, but Texas took it one step further and banned it. Texas has the right to add any substance to its schedule 1 banned list even if the federal government does not.

Fast forward to last week.

A person Named Zachary Maxwell had been doing some research and was in discussions with DSHS and realized this ban took place. Zachary started notifying everyone and even the news who picked up the story and ran with it. This blindsided the entire industry.

On October 20th two companies, Hometown Hero based out of Austin and Third Coast Blends based out of Houston filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). They are not contending that the state did anything wrong and in fact does have the right to place Delta 8 on the schedule 1 banned list, but the State went about it inappropriately and did not give the public its chance to contest the ban.

Link to Hometown Hero’s 1st video – Watch here

The TRO was filed in court on October 20th; the judge is giving the state a chance to rebut the TRO, which we were notified of yesterday, October 21st. Today, October 23rd the court offered both Hometown Hero and Third Coast Blends and the State of Texas a 1PM meeting to present final arguments before he rules. At this time we do not know if the state accepted this timeline.

2nd Update from Hometown Hero – Watch here

We are guessing if the state does not accept this 1PM meeting the judge may rule anyhow, as this cannot drag out forever considering the massive impact this will have on manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the state.

The next step would be the plaintiffs having the chance to object to the ban on Delta 8 in court. If the TRO is granted, Natural Ways CBD will resume selling Delta 8 until the court issue is resolved.

Now, what does this mean for you?

We realize you have been using Delta 8 for many medical issues where traditional pharmaceuticals do not work, or where Delta 8 simply works better. Hearing from our customers the list includes:

Sleep aid

Pain relief

Tourette Syndrome relief

Nerve and neuropathy relief

Lupus symptom relief

And many more issues.

One thing Natural Ways CBD is doing to help you is to bring in a new line of products that have a legal amount of Delta 9 THC, adhering to the .3% legal level. This product will be in the form of gummies and will have up to 10 mg of legal Delta 9 THC. In support of Hometown Hero we have ordered from them and expect delivery today of a limited amount of these gummies. More should be arriving soon and we are looking for other sources for the same product.

It is important to keep your Endocannabinoid system active promoting relief. Full spectrum products can help as well in which we offer a full line of products.

Now, if the TRO should be approved, we will put Delta 8 back on sale for as long as we can legally do so alongside these new Delta 9 THC gummies. Both products should continue to give you the relief that you have come to expect.

We expect to hear back from the courts by 3-4PM today if the TRO is granted, at which time we will send out another update on the issue.

We are very sorry for this shocking change but what the state of Texas did was wrong and unfair.

More updates to follow.

Thank you,

Natural Ways CBD

If you would like to voice your dissatisfaction to the state, you might try e-mailing DSHS Commissioner John Hellerstedt to express your disappointment. His email is john.hellerstedt@dshs.texas.gov