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Canna Cream 1000mg

Canna Cream 2000mg


Peppermint Cream 1000mg

Peppermint Cream 2000mg

Peppermint Cream 4000mg


1000mg Salve



Cocoa Butter 1000mg

Cocoa Butter 1500mg

Cocoa Butter 2000mg


Heat/Cooling Roll On 1000mg


Full Spectrum Square Gummy – 25mg

Full Spectrum Square Gummy – 50mg

Full Spectrum Square Gummy – 100mg

To ensure your products maintain potency we recommend they are stored in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, at 70°F or below. Heat and UV light are the main causes of CBD degradation, so be mindful of where you keep your product. Refrigeration is not typically necessary unless it will take a few months or more to use your product. In general, the typical shelf life of our products are 12-24 months, but may be shorter for products containing water.